Small components that get big things in motion

Blickle guide rollers for conveyor and sorting systems

Conveyor and sorting systems in logistics centres and airports have to meet demanding requirements. Operators expect them to be reliable with minimal downtime, while still demanding ever higher speeds and load capacities. Blickle provides a wide range of guide rollers for these applications which meet even the most demanding requirements thanks to their high quality and outstanding mechanical properties.

The courier, express and parcel service industry is growing quickly. This is largely due to the booming online retail sector, which is seeing record order numbers. Customers also expect deliveries to be quicker than ever before, with same-day deliveries now a common request. This is putting a strain on service providers in the courier, express and parcel industry, as well as the conveyor and sorting systems in their sprawling logistics centres.

International airports are facing a similar situation, with transport volumes and passenger numbers constantly on the rise. Of course, every passenger expects their luggage to reach the right airplane or carousel quickly and smoothly. This places conveyor and sorting technology under a lot of pressure. The only way to meet this challenge is with cutting edge systems.

Specialised down to the smallest detail

Modern conveyor and sorting systems are highly specialised, with every detail tailored to specific applications. That process begins with choosing appropriate guide rollers. These small components keep goods moving smoothly in a wide range of conveyor technology systems, such as those used in logistics centres, airports, the manufacturing industry and the mining sector. Experts differentiate between two types of guide rollers: the first kind are attached to components to keep them on track. In this case, contact between wheel and guide is often only brief yet frequent. Running wheels are another alternative. They carry a specific, consistent load for a sustained period and can be found in conveyor systems for luggage or packages, for example.

“Castors are subject to a wide range of requirements because they are used for so many different applications,” explains Maximilian Hoffmann, Product Manager at the wheel and castor specialist Blickle. “Stresses and external factors vary significantly depending on how they are used. After all, conditions in a baggage sorting system at an airport are completely different to those in a bulk material conveyor system in the mining industry.”

High-quality or cost-efficient

That’s why Blickle developed an extensive portfolio of guide rollers which are perfectly matched to their respective use. They are available in a variety of sizes, materials and load capacities. High-quality solutions with a steel or nylon wheel centre - like the FTH and FSTH series - are recommended for high speeds and heavy loads. The tread for these castors is made from the versatile polyurethane-elastomer Blickle Extrathane®. They have the following characteristics:

  • Low-noise operation
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Good floor preservation
  • Non-marking
  • High abrasion resistance

The FPOB series uses a tread made from the polyurethane-elastomer Blickle Besthane®, which offers an extremely low level of rolling resistance while also being capable of handling significant dynamic loads. It was designed for applications under adverse conditions and is also hydrolysis resistant. This means that regular contact with moisture does not lead to accelerated wear, as is the case with other materials. The nylon wheel centre is corrosion-resistant, unlike steel or aluminium wheel centres. That makes this guide roller particularly suitable for use outdoors.

If your main focus is on cost efficiency, Blickle provides a range of economical solutions, like the FPO series. This series has a high load capacity and outstanding chemical resistance in addition to being extremely versatile. The tread is made of impact-resistant and smooth-rolling nylon. Blickle’s FPTH series of wheels and castors uses a thermoplastic polyurethane tread. These are particularly quiet and hydrolysis resistant, making them highly suited for use outdoors.

New Vulkollan® castors in the standard range

A brand new addition to the Blickle range is the FSVU series with a Vulkollan® tread. The advantages of this material include low rolling resistance, high dynamic load capacity and low-noise operation. In addition to being non-marking and providing good floor preservation, the wheels and castors are also suitable for carrying heavy loads at high speeds and over thresholds. However, if the standard range is not sufficient, Blickle also specialises in developing and manufacturing special solutions.