• EAN4047526020972
  • ID742220

LH-GB 160K

  • Rolling resistance
  • Operating noise
  • Floor surface preservation
LH-GB 160K

Pressed steel swivel castor, heavy duty castors, with top plate fitting, Heavy duty wheel with Blickle Besthane® polyurethane tread, with cast iron wheel centre


Made of heavy pressed steel, with heavy fork and top plate, very strong bolted and secured central kingpin, double ball bearing in the swivel head, additionally reinforced by the integration of four specially shaped and hardened bearing seats resulting in a very high resistance to shock and impact loads. Bolted wheel axle. Bolted wheel axle. Zinc-plated, blue-passivated, Cr6-free.


Made of high-quality, reaction-injected polyurethane-elastomer Blickle Besthane®, low-noise operation, very low rolling resistance, high dynamic load capacity, good floor preservation, very high abrasion resistance, high cut and tear propagation resistance, very good chemical connection with the wheel centre.

  • Tread/tyre:

    Made of high-quality polyurethane-elastomer Blickle Besthane®, high dynamic load capacity.

  • Wheel centre/rim:

    Made of grey cast iron, with grease nipple, lacquered. Casted tread.

  • Wheel centre colour: