• EAN4047526081614
  • ID755119

LU-PO 200G

  • Rolling resistance
  • Operating noise
  • Floor surface preservation
LU-PO 200G

Pressed steel swivel castor, closed medium heavy duty brackets, top plate fitting, Nylon wheel


Made of heavy pressed steel, with four-point contact ball bearing in the swivel head for optimal absorption of vertical and horizontal forces, closed sealed swivel head. The use of hardened bearing seats in conjunction with the special Blickle dynamic riveting process provides increased protection against shocks and impact loads and results in smooth rolling characteristics, low abrasion and an increased service life. Bolted wheel axle. Zinc-plated, blue-passivated, Cr6-free.


Made of high-quality, impact-resistant nylon.

  • Tread/tyre:

    Made of high-quality, impact-resistant nylon.

  • Wheel centre/rim:


  • Wheel centre colour:

    natural white