Forklift trucks

Long partnerships with renowned manufacturers

Many companies use forklift trucks to transport goods internally. Most forklift trucks use lifting frames so that pallets or containers like cage pallets can be stacked up easily. Specialised versions of forklift trucks like reach trucks, turret trucks and side loaders need to meet other requirements.

The running gear of industrial trucks and forklift trucks are subject to a wide range of specific requirements due to their variety of application conditions. These include the dimensions of fittings and the installation space, suspension and vibration absorption properties for specific vehicles and a high dynamic load capacity for the wheels.

Blickle develops solutions which are tailored to specific applications on the basis of its extensive expertise derived from working together with a wide range of renowned manufacturers of industrial trucks. Solutions like spring-loaded swivel castors with polyurethane springs, height-adjustable stabilisation castors, stabilisation castors with hydraulic springs or stabilisation springs with adjustable spring tension play an essential role in optimising the contact pressure of the drive wheel on the surface. The high-quality treads Blickle Extrathane and Blickle Besthane as well as the high quality polyurethane-elastomer Vulkollan provide an impressively high level of dynamic load capacity and resistance to tear propagation and cuts, in addition to being non-marking.