ErgoMove optimises processes in the PCB industry

Transport trolley equipped with electric drive

The client

Indubond, based in Catalonia, is a leading manufacturer of patented machines for the PCB industry. Its product range includes multi-layer presses, gluing and register machines.

The challenge

Before Blickle's electric drive system was installed, the production of the Indubond machines posed a logistical challenge. Employees had to move heavy transport trolleys for materials and tools manually, which caused safety risks and inefficient operational processes. However, efficient and safe processes are essential in the PCB industry to ensure high quality and productivity.

Our solution

ErgoMove 1000The introduction of the ErgoMove 1000 electric drive system at Indubond was a great success: the mechanical customisation and installation went smoothly. In particular, loading and unloading tools is now much easier, more ergonomic and safer for employees. Internal material transport as a whole has also been significantly optimised. The customer was particularly impressed by the technology of the drive system, the dead man's brake and also the easy handling and cost-effectiveness of the exchangeable batteries.