CAD downloads from Blickle

Simple and quick download without a password

The Blickle CAD download has been restructured. In the future, you can log in to the CAD area on every product detail page.

If you are already registered, your known user name also applies for login. You do not have to re-register. A password is no longer required. If you do not yet have a CAD login, you can register here.

If you already have a login for our online wheel and castor shop, you are automatically enabled for the CAD area with your email address.

The Blickle conditions of use for the CAD service apply to CAD downloads.

How does it work?

  • CAD-instructions-step01-Blickle

    Step 1 – Search for a product

    Click on the magnifying glass at the top right. In the text field, enter the product you are looking for.
    Searches are possible with product designation (e.g. LRA-TPA 50G), the ID (e.g. 381640) or the EAN (e.g. 4047526381646).

  • CAD-instructions-step02-Blickle

    Step 2 – Call up product details

    In the search results, click on the "Details" button for the product you are looking for. You will reach the detailed description of the product.
    Here, you can once again make sure that you have found the right product.

  • CAD-instructions-step03-Blickle

    Step 3 – CAD login

    Enter your email address on the product detail page to log in to the CAD area. No password is required.

  • CAD-instructions-step04-Blickle

    Step 4 – Download the file

    After you have logged in, the possible CAD download formats will appear in place of the login field. Now, click on the desired file format. The download then starts automatically.
    Depending on your browser settings, your session may be ended automatically. The session may remain active for several days. Even so, logging out is not necessary.