Questions and answers about careers at Blickle Castors & Wheels Ltd.

  • Are the job offers up to date?

    The job postings on our website are current. As soon as a position is filled, we remove it from the website.

  • What documents are required?

    Your application documents should include the cover letter, a curriculum vitae in table form, references (work references, school references, internship references, etc.) and possible additional certificates (language skills, computer skills, etc.).

  • Who is the right contact person?

    Please refer to the respective job advertisement for your contact person. If no contact person is indicated, you can simply use Dear "Sir or Madam" as your salutation.

  • In which way should I send my application?

    Please send your application including the relevant documents by e-mail to the appropriate contact person.

  • When will I receive a response to my application?

    The review of the documents may take some time. However, we will make a decision and provide you with feedback as soon as possible.

  • Is there a deadline for applications?

    No, there is no application deadline. As long as a job opening is posted, we welcome your application.