• EAN4047526040550
  • ID40550

LS-P 420K

  • Rolling resistance
    Very good
  • Operating noise
  • Floor surface preservation
    Very good
LS-P 420K

Welded steel heavy duty swivel castor, strong swivel head design, Wheel with pneumatic tyres, with pressed steel rim


Particularly rugged welded steel construction, with axial grooved ball bearing DIN 711 and tapered roller bearing DIN 720 in the swivel head, dust and splash-proof, fitted grease nipple, bolted and secured with a welded very strong central kingpin. Bolted wheel axle. Zinc-plated, yellow-passivated, Cr6-free.


Pneumatic tyre with tube, outstandingly high operational comfort, exceptionally high floor preservation, PAH conform acc. to EU directive 2005/69/EC.

  • Tread/tyre:

    Pneumatic tyre with ribbed profile.

  • Wheel centre/rim:

    Made of pressed steel, with tubular steel hub, zinc-plated, blue-passivated, Cr6-free. Tyre mounted on rim.

  • Wheel centre colour: