• EAN4047526047108
  • ID751222

LWG-TPA 101G-11-E55

  • Rolling resistance
    Very good
  • Operating noise
  • Floor surface preservation
LWG-TPA 101G-11-E55

Wheel with thermoplastic rubber tread, with polypropylene wheel centre


Made of high-quality, impact-resistant and reinforced nylon, with encapsulated, double-sealed grooved ball bearing in the swivel head, with bolt hole fitting. Modern, shapely design.


Made of high-quality thermoplastic rubber elastomer (TPE), high operational comfort, low-noise operation, low rolling and swivelling resistance, good floor preservation, chemically bonded for an inseparable connection to the wheel centre.

  • Tread/tyre:

    Made of thermoplastic rubber elastomer (TPE), contains traces of oil.

  • Wheel centre/rim:

    Made of high-quality, impact-resistant polypropylene. Chemically bonded.

  • Wheel centre colour: