Automated guided vehicles

High-performance applications in tight spaces

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are a means of transport which follow marked routes. They are used for the automated and driverless transport of material as part of intralogistics processes. Automated Guided Vehicles are frequently combined with a central control system to form complete Driverless Transport Systems (DTS). They are used to transport both small and large carriers and facilitate automated logistics processes with a high level of efficiency and safety. These processes frequently run 24/7.

Driverless transport systems place significant demands on wheels and castors in very small installation areas. For example, the load capacity of a single automated guided vehicle can range from a few kilograms to several tons. Castors for automated guided vehicles have a much higher level of operational performance compared to standard castors as they are frequently in permanent use. Because of these application conditions, driverless transport systems frequently require wheel tread designs that are specifically optimised for DTS applications and wheel bearings that are designed for continuous operation.

Blickle Besthane® and Vulkollan® tread materials are particularly suitable for use in AGVs. These provide the lowest possible level of rolling resistance and are available as running wheels in the GB and GVU series as standard. They are also available as drive wheels in the GBN, GVUN and VSVU series. Bracket solutions designed specifically for DTS applications guarantee a long service life and maintenance-free operation. From ultra-compact swivel castors through to wheels with special bearings and special tread geometries and heavy duty solutions with electromagnetic braking systems, Blickle has a wide range of special solutions for these applications.