Blickle polyurethane castors for intralogistics

Many large companies use tuggers indoors and outdoors for internal transport. A tugger is an industrial truck made up of a tractor unit and a number of load carriers. Many different designs are available. They are used to increase productivity and reduce the amount of internal traffic while facilitating standardised intralogistics processes.

The castors used must be in constant contact with the floor to prevent the load carriers tipping over. Both the castors and the running gear also need to stay on track so that the goods carriers don’t veer off course. Tuggers are frequently used to transport heavy loads at relatively high speeds.

Blickle’s high-quality polyurethane elastomers meet all of these requirements. Blickle Besthane Soft, the tread used for the ALBS wheel series, is perfectly suited for use with tuggers due to its high dynamic load capacity and its extremely low rolling resistance. A spring-loaded bracket ensures that the castors stay in constant contact with the floor. Two of the four castors attached to the running gear of the load carrier will be fixed in place when the unit is towed. This can be done using two fixed castors or two swivel castors which can be locked in a specific direction.