Welding systems

Blickle polyurethane wheels for drum applications

Electrode welding devices and inert gas welding devices use pressure and heat to create a highly stable connection between workpieces. These devices can be used individually or in large-scale welding systems to process large and heavy components. Wheels and castors make small welding devices easier to transport while making large welded parts safe to move in large welding plants.

These welding plants frequently use drum systems to rotate large workpieces during the welding process. Workpieces in the drum need to be moved precisely and evenly to ensure that the welding seams are in the correct place. In addition to substantial load capacities, these applications also need to provide low rolling resistance and good traction.

Blickle uses specialised FEM-optimised wheel designs with high-quality polyurethane treads to meet the requirements of these drum applications. These wheels are cast using specially optimised and particularly thick treads made from the polyurethane materials Blickle-Extrathane® or Blickle Besthane® to achieve a high load capacity. That is why specialised solutions in the GTHN and GBN series are frequently used for this purpose. These provide a low level of rolling resistance and excellent damping characteristics which ensure that workpieces are moved with precision for an optimal and even seam.