Fire brigade trolleys

Blickle castors get you there on time

In addition to fighting fires, fire brigades around the world also respond to accidents and severe weather events. As a result, fire brigades need to have a wide variety of equipment at their disposal. From respiratory equipment through to water supply systems and portable pumps - wheels and castors on trolleys and containers make sure that all of their equipment gets to where it is needed reliably and quickly. Fire brigades also use specialised trolleys which make it extremely easy to load equipment into vehicles by going up a ramp.

The fire brigade uses a wide range of trolleys to suit the variety of equipment used in fire brigade vehicles. However, the wheels and castors involved face the same demands. Trolleys needs to be simple and intuitive to move, in addition to running smoothly. The wheels and castors need to be rugged enough to ensure that the trolley remains functional in all situations, particularly in dangerous areas. As a result, fire brigade trolleys frequently have to use castors with a dead man’s brake for safety reasons. This brake ensures that the trolley only moves when it is operated by a person.

The Blickle range includes a wide variety of high-quality swivel and fixed castors which are a perfect match for the safety requirements of fire brigade trolleys. Swivel castors with a dead man’s brake and directional locks are available in the standard range. They are simple and practical for users to operate. The handle can be used to fix the swivel castors using the directional lock so that the trolley is easy to stow in the vehicle without having to swivel and jam the wheels. The high-quality treads made of elastic solid rubber and polyurethane make the trolleys easy to move.