Workshop trolleys

Mobile storage solution for tools

Trolleys play an essential part in many workshops by ensuring that tools are well organised and easy to use. They provide mobile storage for a wide variety of tools and equipment. When fitted with high-quality castors, they are easy to move to wherever work is underway.

More than anything else, workshop trolleys need to be ergonomic. Assembling machinery and other workshop tasks frequently involve moving heavy parts around. The distance which these parts need to cover puts a lot of strain on workers. Workshop trolleys need to have suitable castors which are easy to operate to maximise efficiency and ergonomics by reducing this distance and taking the load off workshop employees.

That’s why treads made of standard solid rubber have proven themselves to be the best suited for wheels and castors on worktop trolleys. The soft tread used by the VPP and V series provides a high level of operational comfort and low noise levels, even when transporting heavy loads. The POEV series uses the particularly high-quality elastic solid rubber tread known as Blickle "EasyRoll" and is frequently used in workshops due to its smoothness and outstanding economic properties. The main advantage of this series is that the wheel makes work more ergonomic and easier for users by combining a particularly low level of rolling resistance with an ultra-high level of operational comfort.