ErgoMove® Services

A reliable partner to help you navigate logistical challenges

Blickle’s electric drive systems and ergonomic e-mobility solutions marketed under the ErgoMove® brand provide a safe and easy way to transport loads up to 4,000 kg in a variety of sectors. The experts at ErgoMove® work closely together with customers to develop solutions which are tailored to their requirements. Blickle’s effective service team provides round the clock support for users before and after they start using the system.

As a reliable partner, Blickle provides a comprehensive range of logistical services to complement its ErgoMove® e-mobility solutions:

  • 1 Analysis of logistical challenges
    • Ergonomics
    • Safety
    • Efficiency
  • 2 Development of a solution in partnership with customers
    • Tailored solutions
    • CAD implementation
    • Prototyping
  • 3 Implementation of a custom-made system
    • On-site installation
    • CE support
    • Employee training
  • 4 After-sales
    • ErgoMove® helpdesk
    • Proactive maintenance and repair service
    • Safety checkup

The EM500, EM1000, EM2000 and EM4000 lines of the Blickle ErgoMove® system can be used to create custom-made solutions capable of handling loads of up to four tonnes.

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