ErgoMove® 1000


The ergonomic handle was designed in collaboration with the Institute for Materials Handling Technology in Stuttgart and Heilbronn College to meet demanding ergonomic standards. Two different versions of the ergonomic handle are available for the ErgoMove® 1000. The first version uses a power sensor system. The second uses two rotary joysticks.

Ergonomic handle – versions

  • 1 Intuitive control  

    The ergonomic handle with integrated power sensor detects the force applied by the operator in two dimensions: front / back, left / right. This force is converted into control signals to support the steering. This in turn provides simple and intuitive handling. The cockpit with two rotary joysticks controls the driven castors with the joysticks. On this version, the motors are controlled synchronously when operated with one hand and individually when operated with two hands.

  • 2 Emergency release

    If necessary, the key switch can be used to release the dead man’s brakes. This makes it possible to move the trolley without a power supply.

  • 3 Battery level display (a) and replaceable batteries (b)

    The battery unit uses standard replaceable batteries, which can be quickly replaced with a simple plug mechanism. In this way the permanent operation is guaranteed through replacement batteries.

  • 4 Modes “Turtle” / “Hare”

    Turtle mode forwards 2 km/h, reverse 2 km/h.

    Hare mode forwards 4 km/h, reverse 2 km/h.

  • 5 Horn

    Both the power sensor and joystick versions come with a horn. This is integrated into the cockpit. It makes an important contribution to the safety of goods transports and is therefore required for a valid CE declaration.

  • 6  Anti-trap protection

    The anti-trap protection on the ergonomic handle with rotary joysticks is implemented with a pressure-sensitive mushroom button. If the button is pressed against the operator, the trolley will go back a little in the opposite direction. In case of the ergonomic handle with power sensor, the power sensor has the function of an anti-trap protection. The handle is capable of detecting very small levels of force (max. 28 N required at 1,000 kg).

ErgoMove 1000® SWITCH&MOVE

Optionally with removable cockpit
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