Wheels and wheel sets

Used with rails, conveyor belts and clamping sets

In addition to travelling across the floor, wheels can also be used on rails, conveyor belts or as drive wheels. Clamping sets and wheel sets are also frequently used in this area. Wheel centres for clamping sets can be installed quickly and easily using a clamping element. Clamping sets can also be used for both axial and radial fixing at the same time. This means that the drive wheel can absorb drive forces while being fixed in its position on the axle. Wheel sets involve fitting multiple wheels to an axle as a single unit. The advantage of having a complete set delivered at once is that it reduces the amount of work involved to fit the wheels.

Blickle also provides a variety of special solutions for these applications.

  • Guide rollers
  • Running wheels
  • Drive wheels
  • Clamping and wheel sets