Arriving quickly and safely in an emergency

Welded steel heavy duty twin wheel castors with pneumatic tyresLSD-PS 464K-946549 and BSD-PS 464K-946545

The customer

…is an engineering company specialised in custom services and solutions for shipbuilding.

The challenge

The engineering company manufactures transport platforms for rescue helicopters, which are brought out onto the airfield on a trailer.

The transport route is made of very sensitive tarmac material. The original castors installed by a competitor produced very high floor pressure, which resulted in damage to the paved surface. The customer wanted a solution with lower floor pressure and optimised floor surface preservation. In this application, high speeds and a very dynamic load capacity are required in an emergency. A specially reinforced heavy duty bracket is therefore demanded to meet these additional requirements.

Our solution

Welded steel heavy duty twin wheel castors with pneumatic tyres LSD-PS 464K-946549 and BSD-PS 464K-946545

To meet the customer‘s needs, Blickle engineers developed a special twin castor with heavy duty wheels of the PS series from the Blickle standard product range. The especially stable pneumatic wheels with a wheel diameter of 460 mm consist of a heavy duty, bolted steel rim and tyres with a hardness of 60 Shore A. The pneumatic tyres have low rolling resistance for maximum operational comfort. Thanks to this soft air cushion, the wheels exert very little floor pressure, preventing damage to the very sensitive pavement.

Reinforcing the welded steel heavy duty swivel and fixed brackets of the LSD/BSD series with a third arm between the wheels resulted in a very robust special castor that easily achieves the required load capacity of over 1,500 kg at a speed of 25 km/h.

The result

The customer replaced all previous castors with the Blickle heavy duty special castors of the LSD/BSD-PS series to avoid the high costs that would have resulted from repairs to the airfield. The reinforced twin wheel castors easily withstand the high speeds at which they are used.

Technical information and product advantages LSD-PS 464K-946549 and BSD-PS 464K-946545

  • high dynamic load capacity of 1,500 kg at a speed of 25 km/h
  • very low floor pressure
  • especially robust design with reinforced bracket with third arm