Blickle wheels are part of an offshore project for the power supply of Stockholm

Heavy duty wheel made of cast nylon GSPO600/100PR

The customer

... builds and operates high voltage and low voltage systems and provides power for roads, rails, and air traffic systems throughout Norway and Sweden. The core business of the company is to design, assemble, control, maintain and repair power systems. The company has his head office in Norway and around 350 employees.

The application

The application area of the wheel is an under roller for a high voltage cable on a 4x7m cable drum. The untwisted cable will later be laid in a submarine system and is therefore extra-long and heavy. Therefore, it was very important for the customer that the wheels carry up to 20 tons of load.
As the working environment is mainly outdoors and close to the ocean, another requirement of the customer was that the wheels withstand the wet, salty air and cold Swedish winter temperatures. In order to keep the extremely tight schedule, it was aggravating that the proposal could not be suffi ciently tested.

Our solution from the standard range

Heavy duty wheel made of compressed cast nylon GSPO 600/100PR

Due to the high load capacity requirements, the Blickle experts recommended the heavy duty wheels made of cast nylon GSPO 600/100PR. The highly abrasion resistant wheel also suitable for use at high temperatures below freezing.

The result

Blickle’s exceptional service and detailed advice convinced the customer. With timely delivery, the wheels are now an important part of a submarine offshore project that will provide high voltage power to the entire Stockholm area.

Technical information and advantages GSPO 600/100PR

  • Made of high-quality, impactresistant, hard and tough, high compressed cast nylon
  • Extremely high load capacity
  • High abrasion resistance