ALEV…-EL, ALEV…-SG-AS – wheel and castor series

Electrically conductive heavy duty wheels and castors with “Blickle EasyRoll” elastic solid rubber tyres and aluminium wheel centre

The ALEV…-EL and ALEV…-SG-AS series are made of a high-quality elastic solid rubber Blickle EasyRoll tread and a wheel centre made of die-cast aluminium. The smooth rolling tread has a hardness of 71 Shore A and is vulcanised onto the wheel centre. The heavy duty wheels and castors in the ALEV series provide a low level of rolling resistance, a high level of operational comfort, low-noise operation and good floor preservation. The resistance of the electrically conductive ALEV...-EL series is ≤ 104 ohms. The resistance of the non-marking grey and antistatic ALEV...-SG-AS series is ≤ 107 ohms.

Both series are used at high speeds and are frequently used to transport sensitive electrical equipment. The non-marking grey version can also be used on sensitive floors.