Nylon wheels and compressed cast nylon wheels and castors

for easy rolling on smooth surfaces

Nylon wheels, also known as nylon castors, have gained significant popularity in various industries due to their exceptional durability, strength and smooth mobility. These kind of versatile wheel offers numerous advantages over other materials, making them a preferred choice for a wide range of applications.

Those wheels are available in a variety of versions and dimensions. The white version is very popular as it makes dirt and dust easy to see. The material is not particularly suitable for applications involving high temperatures or uneven surfaces. When used in these circumstances, the material requires a significant amount of force to push and pull loads and can produce a considerable amount of noise.

In addition to standard nylon versions, Blickle also provides heavy duty series made of compressed cast nylon or nylon with a rubber damping ring for lower noise emissions – additionally, nylon wheels with a bearing ball and swiveled nylon castors are available.

POW series wheels, swivel castors and fixed castors

Nylon wheels with rubber damping ring

PO series wheels, swivel castors and fixed castors

Nylon wheels and castors

SPO series wheels, swivel castors and fixed castors

Heavy duty nylon wheels and castors

GSPO series wheels, swivel castors and fixed castors

Heavy duty compressed cast nylon wheels and castors

Popular Applications of nylon wheels & castors

Nylon wheels find applications across various industries due to their versatility and robustness. Some common uses include:

Material Handling:

Trolleys, carts, and dollies in warehouses, factories and distribution centers rely on nylon wheels for efficient movement of goods.

Medical Equipment:

Hospital beds, medical carts and equipment racks often incorporate nylon wheels to ensure smooth and quiet operation in healthcare settings.

Automotive Industry:

Nylon castors are used in automotive assembly lines, tool carts, and mechanics' creepers due to their load-bearing capacity and resistance to oils and chemicals.

Retail, Hospitality & Food Industry (high hygiene factors):

Shopping carts, luggage trolleys, and hotel luggage racks benefit from nylon wheels' quiet operation, non-marking ability, and floor protection features.

Moreover, they can be often found at packaging machines, in the automotive industry or for stainless steel containers or machinery which is normally left in a stationary position, such as laboratory equipment.

Major Features of nylon wheels

A nylon castor possess several distinctive features that contribute to their superior performance.

High Load Capacity:

Nylon wheels can handle heavy loads efficiently.
They provide exceptional strength and stability, making them suitable for transporting bulky items.

Impact Resistance:

Nylon's inherent toughness allows the wheels to withstand impact and shock. They are less likely to crack or break under stress, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Low Rolling Resistance:

Nylon wheels offer low rolling resistance, enabling smooth movement with minimal effort. This property is particularly beneficial for manual applications or situations where reduced friction is crucial.

Chemical Resistance:

Nylon is resistant to many chemicals, aggressive substances, oils and solvents commonly found in industrial environments. This resistance helps prevent damage or degradation of the wheels in harsh working conditions.

Benefits of nylon wheels & castors

Floor Protection:

Nylon wheels have a softer tread compared to harder materials like steel or iron. They minimise the risk of floor damage, such as scratches, marks or scuffs, especially on delicate surfaces.

Noise Reduction:

Nylon wheels offer quieter operation due to their shock-absorbing properties. They help reduce noise pollution in environments where smooth and silent movement is essential, such as hospitals or libraries.

Corrosion Resistance:

Unlike metal wheels, nylon wheels are corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They can withstand exposure to moisture, humidity, and varying weather conditions without rusting or deteriorating.


Nylon wheels do not leave marks or stains on floors, ensuring a clean and professional appearance. This feature is particularly valuable in areas where aesthetics is important, such as hotels, showrooms or exhibition halls.