Blickle MOVE and LKDG/LKDB twin synthetic castors

Twin synthetic castors made of thermoplastic polyurethane tread (TPU)

The wheels of the twin synthetic castors have a cast thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) tread and a high-quality impact-resistant nylon 6 wheel centre. This is non-marking and non-staining. The bracket is made from high-quality, impact-resistant nylon 6 with a plain bore (LKDG-PUA / LKDB-PUA series) or two ball bearings sealed on both sides (MOVE series) in the swivel head. The appealing and modern castors are available in a variety of colours and with numerous different fitting options. The twin castors are also available in an electrically conductive version.

The synthetic twin castors are used in transport systems, kitchen equipment, designer furniture and medical devices.