Castors with brake

The right castors with brake for every application

Stop means coming to an immediate and safe halt. There is no margin for error with castor wheels with brakes and castor wheels with parking locks. You have to be able to rely on them, especially in dangerous situations. This calls for both occupational safety and common sense. You yourself know best about the risk of accidents in intralogistics. From electric shocks to bruises, everything is included. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act (ArbSchG), you are legally obliged to “assess the working conditions from the point of view of occupational safety and to strive for an improvement in health and safety” as put so aptly by the Association of Metal Employers’ Liability Insurance Associations.

Heavy duty caster wheels with brake

For our heavy duty caster wheels with brake, there are various locking systems available as standard in the heavy-duty sector including the locking devices listed above (Stop-Top or the Wheel Stop). For special applications in the heavy-duty sector, however, it is also possible to work out an individual solution together with the customer.


Blickle Zentralfeststeller central-stop (Serie L und LH)
Blickle Zentralfeststeller Radstop (fußbetätigt)
Blickle Zentralfeststeller Radstop (handbetätigt)

Blickle "central-stop" central brake system for transport equipment and heavy duty castors series L and LH
(product code suffix: -CS...)

Blickle "Radstop" wheel brake for heavy duty castors (foot-activated)
(product code suffix: -RA)

Blickle "Radstop" wheel brake for heavy duty castors (operated by hand)
(product code suffix: -RAH


Swivel castors with brakes

Swivel castors with brakes block the rolling and swivelling movements of the castors at rest with the aid of brake systems (wheel and swivel head brake). “Front”, “rear”, “fixed” and “central” brake systems are used. “Front” brake systems are located at the front relative to the running direction. “Rear” brake systems are fitted to the rear of the castors. “Fixed” brake systems do not rotate with the swivel head and the pedal always remains in the same position. “Central” brake systems use a single lever to brake two or more castors on a transport equipment. A brake system should be selected after careful consideration of user-friendliness, installation conditions and user-specific accident prevention measures.

Blickle wheel and swivel head brake stop-fix
Blickle wheel and swivel head brake stop-top
Blickle ideal-stop wheel and swivel head brake
Blickle central-stop central brake system (LE and LK series)

Blickle wheel and swivel head brake „stop-fix“
(product code suffix: -FI)

Blickle wheel and swivel head brake „stop-top“
(product code suffix: -ST)

Blickle wheel and swivel head brake „ideal-stop“
(product code suffix: -IS)

Blickle central brake

(product code suffix: -CS)

Blickle drum and dead man’s brake
(product code suffix: -TB and -TM)

Mostly commonly used brakes in the middle and lower load capacity range, easy and ergonomic operation with low actuation forces.

Robust, adjustable design for medium and high load capacity ranges with particularly high holding forces (frictionlocking).

A fixed locking system (friction- and form-locking) ensures a high level of operating convenience and continuous accessibility.

Simultaneous locking (friction- and form-locking) of two or more castors by means of a lever, comfortable actuation and release forces.

High braking effect thanks to brake shoes, largely protected against corrosion and dirt by the closed design.

Fixed castor with brake

You can choose between two variants of the fixed castor with brake: The Blickle drum brake and Blickle dead man's brake. The drum brake works by pressing two brake shoes integrated into the wheel against the cast wheel centre, which acts as the brake drum. The drum brake provides a high level of braking performance even though only a small amount of force is required to activate it.

A dead man’s brake is similar to a drum brake, but uses an integrated spring for braking when the brake is not activated. The brake can be released using a lever arm or cable pull. Left-handed and right-handed versions are available for dead man’s brakes. Dead man’s brakes are also available for swivel castors.

More information about drum brakes and dead man's brakes.

Blickle Trommelbremse
Blickle Totmannbremse

Blickle drum brake
(product code suffix: -TB / -TBL / -TBR)

Blickle dead man’s brake
(product code suffix: -TML / -TMR)

Safety is our top priority

We want the use of our wheels and castors to be without accidents. You can therefore rely on two things with our products: If you have to brake, it can be done quickly; and if you park something, it stays parked – even in dangerous situations.

According to the German Statutory Accident Insurance, there were more than 36,000 accidents in intralogistic transport in Germany in 2019 alone, i.e. more than 150 per working day. We can reduce this number. As a solution partner in matters of safety, we have a large variety of different parking devices and brakes in our range. This includes the right product for every application.