Conveyor belt systems

Blickle guide rollers for 24/7 use

Conveyor belt systems are used to transport piece goods like containers in a factory as well as bulk goods like soil in large quantities. Blickle guide rollers are used across the world to keep goods moving within these systems.

To keep these systems operating efficiently, these guide rollers need to provide a low level of rolling resistance while also being maintenance-free, as they are frequently in operation around the clock. In order to be maintenance-free, the roller needs a high level of wear resistance. A high level of concentricity is also important in order to avoid downtime. Rollers with these characteristics make it possible to transport even sensitive goods with a high level of precision and a minimal level of noise.

Customers frequently turn to Blickle’s guide rollers whenever reliability and resilience are particularly important. The high-tech materials created in Blickle’s own development centre, our extensive experience in a wide range of applications and the ability to provide special solutions are the reasons why customers across the world trust the Blickle brand for conveyor technology applications. Blickle has seven different guide roller series: The comprehensive standard range includes the nylon FPO series, the FSVU series with a Vulkollan® tread and the hydrolysis-resistant FPOB series with a Besthane® tread, which is also available with a corrosion-resistant ball bearing.