FSVU – Guide roller series

Guide rollers with polyurethane tread Vulkollan® and steel wheel centre

Blicke’s FSVU series are guide rollers with a Vulkollan® tread. This tread is cast directly onto the steel wheel centre to provide a very good chemical bond. The ball bearing is sealed on both sides, pressed into the wheel centre and secured with a locking ring. The FSVU series is particularly resistant to abrasion and cuts and tear propagation. It also provides a low level of rolling resistance. The series has a high dynamic load capacity and is suitable for use at high speeds, like FPOB guide rollers.
Products in the FSVU series are typically used as rollers in lift systems and conveyor belt systems.

  • FSVU – Guide rollers

    Blickle’s range includes Vulkollan® guide rollers in sizes ranging from 40 to 100 mm in diameter. These can be used at speeds up to 10 km/h with a reduced load capacity.

    Wheel Ø

    Load capacity
    at 4 km/h
    Load capacity
    at 10 km/h
    Ball bearing

    Axle bore Ø

    FSVU 40x15/10-8K 40 15 70 50 6000 2RS 10 8 To the product
    FSVU 50x18/17-10K 50 18 100 70 6003 2RS 17 10 To the product
    FSVU 60x20/20-12K 60 20 135 95 6004 2RS 20 12 To the product
    FSVU 70x25/25-15K 70 25 200 140 6205 2RS 25 15 To the product
    FSVU 80x25/25-15K 80 25 230 160 6205 2RS 25 15 To the product
    FSVU 100x25/25-15K 100 25 250 175 6205 2RS 25 15 To the product