Overhead conveyor

High speeds with Blickle guide rollers

Overhead conveyors are a well established system in the picking, storage and production facilities used by the aviation, finishing and automotive industries. Trolleys containing piece goods are moved with such conveyors by means of an overhead guidance system. The users of these systems benefit from a high level of flexibility when making changes to processes. They also gain a high level of efficiency without sacrificing production speed.

The wheels and castors used in the guidance and drive systems of overhead conveyors have to be capable of withstanding these high speeds on a 24/7 basis. Resilience and maintenance-free designs are also required in order to minimise system downtime. These systems are frequently used at every stage of production and assembly lines in the automotive sector. Because of this, the distances which they have to cover are substantial.

Guide rollers with Blickle Besthane® and Vulkollan® treads are particularly suitable for use in overhead conveyors due to their high dynamic load capacity and extremely low level of rolling resistance, which keep the systems functioning efficiently around the clock. With its extremely abrasion-resistant, 92 Shore A Vulkollan® tread, the FSVU series of guide rollers is a particularly good match for applications of this kind. The castors are casted onto a steel wheel centre, making them extremely wear-resistant and minimising the amount of maintenance required for these systems.