Loading trucks

Blickle nylon castors - resistant to chemical detergents

Loading trucks are frequently used in food processing facilities. The stainless steel trucks have a capacity of between 100 and 300 L. They are equipped with four wheels arranged in such a way that they can be tipped inside processing systems. These trucks use robust, impermeable and smooth interior and exterior panels which are quick and easy to clean.

Fully automated washing systems are frequently used to clean these trucks. The wheels and castors which they use also have to be easy to clean and resistant to cleaning agents. The wheels also need to be particularly resilient and provide a smooth ride.

Nylon wheels and castors in the PO series with a corrosion-resistant ball bearing, corrosion-resistant roller bearing or a plain bore are perfectly suited for loading trucks. The wheels in the standard range are available in white and blue and are made from a high-quality impact-resistant nylon. This material provides a very low level of rolling and swivel resistance, in addition to an extremely smooth ride and abrasion resistance. The clear and simple surface texture of the wheel is also perfectly suited for cleaning. The wheels also have a high level of resistance to many aggressive substances. In some versions, the wheels can be reinforced with stainless steel fibres. This also means that any wheel fragments can be detected using metal detectors.