Hygiene / medicine / design

Castors to meet demanding hygiene requirements

The wheels and castors used in the medical or food production sectors must meet demanding hygiene standards. They also need to have an appealing design for applications requiring a modern look. Blickle sets the standard in these areas too. Blickle’s comprehensive range of corrosion resistant, heat resistant and cold resistant wheels and castors provides the right product for any application. Food transport trolleys, medical equipment and racking trolleys used for baking on an industrial scale - Blickle gets them all moving. Blickle’s series of synthetic castors are unified in their design and function. Blickle works together with renowned design studios, develops synthetic castors in its development centre and uses cutting edge manufacturing technology in its injection moulding facility to guarantee the excellent quality of its products. Blickle’s excellent global reputation and design awards are evidence of the company’s outstanding expertise in this segment.

Here are some examples of how Blickle products are used for hygiene / medical / design applications.