Packaging equipment

Load wheels and guide rollers from Blickle

The first step in ensuring that goods reach customers safely is to make sure that they are carefully and reliably packaged. The dispensing, metering and packaging process is frequently performed by a stationary, fully automated packaging machine. There are also a wide variety of specialised packaging systems which provide packaging solutions for many different products. The wheels and castors used by these specialised systems serve for both guidance and transport purposes.

Load wheels are used to transport goods within machines. These wheels need to be abrasion resistant and provide low rolling resistance at high speeds. Packaging ma-chines also use guide rollers to ensure that goods are guided and positioned with precision. These guide rollers need to have a very high level of concentricity in order for these sytem to function properly.

Blickle has seven different guide roller series available in its standard range, ensuring that it has the right solution for a wide variety of machine and systems engineering applications. The FSTH, FPOB and FSVU series are particularly suitable for use in packaging machines. All three provide a very high level of concentricity and abrasion-resistance combined with low rolling resistance. The wheels in the ALTH series or the soft polyurethane alternatives ALST and ALBS are typical reliable load wheels with a high dynamic load capacity.