Custom design for mobile hospital furniture

Synthetic twin castor Blickle MOVE LKDG-PATH 125K-ZA-928004 and LKDG-PATH 125K-FI-ZA-928003

The customer

... is a German manufacturer of mobile functional furniture for the healthcare sector, and is a market leader in the segment. The manufacturer employs 40 persons working in production, sales, deliveries, customer service and the company’s own stainless steel processing facility.

The challenge

The customer needed new twin wheel castors for several new series of medical trolleys for hospitals. He previously used synthetic twin castors made by a competitor and was looking for a comparable alternative with a more modern appearance. There were some specific requirements regarding the colour of the castor, which needed to be as close as possible to white aluminium (RAL 9006) to match the design of the furniture. Additionally, the customer wanted a red brake lever.

Our solution

Blickle MOVE synthetic twin wheel castor LKDG-PATH 125K-ZA-928004 and LKDG-PATH 125K-FI-ZA-928003

The Blickle MOVE twin castor, LKDG-PATH series, allowed Blickle to meet all of the requirements in terms of design and functionality. Our specialists created a wheel cover in the special white aluminium colour (RAL 9006). The pedal was finished in red (RAL 3000) to meet our customer’s specifications. We used our standard components, like the bracket and the wheel centre, in silver grey (RAL 7001) for the rest of the system. These components matched very well with the colour requirements of the customer.

The result

The customer is extremely satisfied with the solution, as he is getting an attractive design in a custom colour scheme at no extra cost compared to the product he previously used.

Technical information and product advantages LKDG-PATH 125K-ZA-928004 and LKDG-PATH 125K-FI-ZA-928003

  • appealing design
  • custom colour scheme for components visible on the trolley
  • many existing standard components used to optimise costs
  • high-quality alternative to the previous product with a more modern appearance at no additional cost