The perfect combination – a tailored solution at an attractive price

Swivel castor with wheel lock LE-TPA 127G-FK-FIRA-931223

The customer

… is the leading US manufacturer of carts for the storage and transport of retail goods. Its customers include major global retail chains like Walgreens Boots Alliance, Dollar General and CVS.

The challenge

The American manufacturer produces a significant number of rollcontainers for the storage and transport of retail goods each year. Previously, the majority of these swivel castors were imported directly from China and supplied by a US competitor. To ensure that carts can be transported securely on trucks without taking up too much space, the swivel castors needed to have a low mounting height. The lock also needed to be secure. The customer previously used swivel castors with a wheel and swivel head brake. The fixed swivel heads were frequently damaged by the vibrations during transport. The customer also wanted to make the lock more user-friendly. The compact design of the carts and the low mounting height of the swivel castors meant that there was hardly any space between the release lever of the lock and the base of the cart.

Our solution

Swivel castor with wheel brake LE-TPA 127G-FK-FIRA-931223

The Blickle solution uses as many standard components as possible and leverages a fully automated production and assembly process. This makes it possible to provide tailored swivel castor systems at an attractive price in a price-sensitive market. To avoid damage to the swivel head during transport, the new system uses a wheel lock without a swivel head brake. A number of possible versions were discussed and shown to the customer. The solution which was ultimately selected is based on the standard swivel bracket with a rear-locking brake system (FI). The pedal was adjusted to make the release pedal for the wheel brake shorter. This makes it easy to activate and release the lock without touching the base of the cart.

The result

The Blickle “FIRA” wheel lock significantly reduced the amount of failures and damage during transport compared to the competitor’s castors. By using standard components and an automated manufacturing process, Blickle was able to provide the customer with a tailored solution at an attractive price, while ensuring that large volumes can be delivered quickly.

Product advantages and technical information LE-TPA 127G-FK-FIRA-931223

  • Wheel lock (without swivel head brake) reduces damage during transport
  • Optimised release pedal provides more space between the base of the cart and the lock
  • A tailored solution for the customer based on standard components while making full use of Blickle‘s automated manufacturing and assembly processes
  • A variety of wheels (e.g. TPA, PP, POEV) can be used thanks to Blickle’s modular system
  • Large quantities available quickly