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Scissor lift trucks from Janzen

ErgoMove for use with scissor lift trucks

In addition to lifting platforms, the company Janzen Lifttechnik GmbH, based in Niederlangen, Lower Saxony, produces column lifts as well as goods and underfloor lifts.

Success story LER-POES 100KF-SG

Buggy board with the highest level of operational comfort

Bavaria-based Angelcab GmbH specialises in the manufacture of push chairs and accessories. It combines natural materials with technological innovation, functional design and traditional craftsmanship.

Success Story HRLK-PATH

Hydraulic levelling castors from Blickle

The client is named Wolz and is located in Waldtann, in the district of Schwäbisch Hall. Founded in 1800, the joinery has developed into a company that combines traditional craftsmanship with the range of a modern furniture supplier.

Blickle ErgoMove in use

Electric drive system - Blickle ErgoMove® 1000 in use 

Gossau-based Cromatech develops and manufactures systems and equipment for a number of different applications, including equipment for maintaining and servicing railways and trams. 
Blickle castors for outdoor kitchens

Stainless Steel Castors for Outdoor Kitchens

The client is a manufacturer of outdoor kitchens. The company makes high-quality, weather-resistant, stainless steel kitchens that remain outdoors year round.

Serving trolleys with Progressus castors

Castor for Serving Trolleys with Directional Latch

The Client is a middle market Swiss company that produces food serving trolleys. The trolleys are used in commercial kitchens and nursing homes as well as for banquets or meals on wheels.


Blickle solution increases ride comfort

The customer is a manufacturer of powered access lifts and develops 100% of them at the headquarters in Great Britain. The company specializes in manufacturing products for access to working at height.

Bedrunka+Hirth workshop trolley

The all-rounder

The customer is one of Germany‘s leading manufacturers of equipment and manual workstation systems. The SME employs around 120 people and sells its products across Europe through specialist traders.


The perfect combination – a tailored solution at an attractive price

The customer is the leading US manufacturer of carts for the storage and transport of retail goods. Its customers include major global retail chains like Walgreens Boots Alliance, Dollar General and CVS.

Serving trolleys

Soft wheels for low-noise transport

The customer is a traditional German bakery which was established in 1898. The business is now a renowned training institution with 25 specialty stores and its own catering service.

Duplicate of World War II-era Panzer IV tank

Blickle goes Hollywood

The customer is a company headquartered in Ireland that provides creative and technical solutions for fi lm and television projects worldwide.

Self-braking trolleys for rescue operations

Flexible and safe on rails or road

The customer is a major Swiss manufacturer of fire brigade vehicles and motorised spray systems. In the 30+ years of its existence, the company has delivered more than 900 vehicles.