Buggy board with the highest level of operational comfort

LER-POES 100KF-SG swivel castor with SoftMotion wheel

The client

Bavaria-based Angelcab GmbH specialises in the manufacture of push chairs and accessories. It combines natural materials with technological innovation, functional design and traditional craftsmanship. The manufacturer is committed to providing outstanding quality while also meeting its social and environmental responsibilities.

The challenge

Angelcab provides buggy boards for older siblings as an optional accessory for its push chairs. The board is attached to the rear of the push chair and can be folded down if necessary if the older child wants a push. There are two castors on the bottom of the buggy board, which have to meet some pretty demanding standards. The castors need to be quiet enough not to disturb a sleeping baby. They also need to provide a smooth ride for the child on the buggy board. The company also wanted to minimise the rolling resistance of the wheels they used to keep the push chair easy to move, even with the buggy board attached.

The solution

Swivel castor with SoftMotion wheelAngelcab decided to use Blickle castors with SoftMotion soft rubber wheels. The wheels provide users with the highest possible operational comfort, excellent shock absorption and significant noise reduction. The SoftMotion series has a specialised and ultra-thick tread made from high-quality elastic solid rubber. This helps them to glide over surfaces smoothly and quietly. Their specially adapted shape ensures a quiet ride and a low level of rolling and swivel resistance. Blickle was the only provider which was able to meet all of Angelcab’s requirements.

The result

Thanks to Blickle’s castors, the push chair manufacturer’s buggy boards can handle pretty much any surface without vibrations or annoying noise. Pushing is easy, and the outstanding shock absorption guarantees a smooth and comfortable ride for the child on the board. If there’s a sleeping baby in the buggy, the whisper-quiet wheels won’t disturb them. Blickle’s high-quality and resilient components are a perfect match for Angelcab’s focus on sustainability and quality. Another advantage is that these castors are part of Blickle’s standard product range.

Advantages of 921771 LER-POES 100KF-SG 

  • Low-noise operation and good shock absorption (55° Shore A).
  • Low rolling resistance thanks to high-quality rubber compound with optimised tread geometry.
  • Available quickly from the standard product range.