Vulkollan® – Wheel series

With outstanding mechanical properties

The Vulkollan® polyurethane tread has similar properties to Blickle Besthane, which was developed in-house by Blickle. Vulkollan® wheels have outstanding mechanical properties and are therefore commonly used in driverless transport systems, conveyor systems and machine and systems engineering applications as drive wheels, load rollers or guide rollers. The tread is available in a natural colour as standard and has a hardness of 92 Shore A. In addition to providing a high dynamic load capacity, it is both non-marking and non-staining. The colour may change slightly over time if the tread is exposed to sunlight (UV). Vulkollan® is resistant to a wide range of aggressive substances, with the exception of hot water or hot air with a high humidity level. VULKOLLAN® is a registered trademark of the Covestro Group.

GVU series wheels

Heavy duty wheels with Vulkollan® polyurethane tread and cast iron wheel centre