Serving trolleys

Blickle castors for safe and quiet transport

Serving trolleys are used throughout medical and care facilities, the restaurant business and the hotel sector whenever food or dishes need to be transported safely and quietly. Serving trolleys come in an endless number of designs and have a wide variety of different features. There is also a lot of variety in terms of dimensions, cladding and load capacity.

Design and hygiene play a particularly important role when it comes to designing serving trolleys. This also applies to the wheels and castors involved. The systems involved also need to meet shock absorption and noise level requirements, in addition to providing a low level of rolling resistance.

Blickle’s elastic soft rubber SoftMotion series POES is the perfect choice for a wide variety of serving trolley applications. Thanks to its particularly high-quality blend of materials and extra-thick tread, the POES series provides a much higher level of noise reduction and a very low level of rolling resistance compared to standard solid rubber solutions. This makes the trolleys quiet and easy to move. The impact-resistant properties of the tread also protect the transported goods. Blickle uses the POBS wheel series in order to combine high load capacities with very low rolling resistance, a high degree of operational comfort and good floor preservation, even in hygienically sensitive areas like medical and care facilities. In contrast to conventional wheels with polyurethane treads, these wheels are completely hydrolysis- and corrosion-resistant.

The synthetic designer castors Blickle WAVE and Blickle MOVE provide an appealing and customisable design which is the perfect choice for serving trolleys with demanding design requirements.