Display stands

Blickle castors with an attractive design

Tablets and monitors are frequently used for presentations in today’s workplace. The display stands which are used to transport these systems are usually fitted with four swivel castors. Companies usually use these display stands for meetings, training sessions and customer consultations. Mobile stands are also a common sight in the medical sector and at trade fairs.

The wheels and castors which they use need to meet demanding requirements in terms of manoeuvrability while also having an appealing design. The castors are also frequently equipped with braking systems to ensure that display stands are fixed in place when necessary.

Display stands tend to use light duty wheels from the TPA and VPA series with a diameter of 50 mm or more in addition to synthetic castors from the Blickle WAVE and Blickle MOVE series with their modern and attractive design. All of these wheels and castors are non-marking, which is particularly important in advertising or medical applications. Blickle provides electrically conductive versions of these wheels and castors for applications where electrostatic charges have to be dealt with. They prevent electrostatic discharge, which can be painful for users and damage any electronic equipment being transported on the display stand. With a variety of light duty, compact and design castors and a wide range of fitting types, such as top plate fittings, bolt holes and plug-in pins, Blickle has the right solution for any display stand.